Meet your Menopause Experts

Menopause Experts Donna Morgan & Deborah Hendrick have worked together for many years providing menopause counselling, advice and support. Their differences, experiences and similarities make for a complete, holistic approach.

Donna Morgan

Donna Morgan smiling

I started experiencing menopause symptoms in my early forties

At the time, I was not aware that these physical symptoms were related to the menopause and I felt if I was constantly seeking a medical diagnosis from my GP. What I needed was advice from a menopause expert. 

I was busy raising my boys, working full time and felt I was just exhausted and that my body was rebelling. No one ever suggested the menopause as I was deemed too young and had regular periods.

I struggled on for years and started reading about menopause symptoms and took a list to my GP practice. A new partner had started who specialised in women’s health and knew straight away that I was hormone deficient. 

From this point on, I felt compelled to empower other women on this journey. From a therapist  prospective, I have seen numerous women over the years that feel they are failing or suffering with their mental health as they do not recognise the symptoms of the menopause. You have to understand your own body and mind. I am determined to help and support as many women as I can through their own journey.

With over 20 years experience as a humanistic counsellor, I am BAPC accredited and have been very lucky to have trained with Paul McKenna, Richard Bandler (co creator of Neuro Linguistic Processing) and Roger Callahan, (creator of Thought Field Therapy).

Deborah Hendrick

Deborah Hendrick

I had starting reading about the menopause and felt that I was physically prepared for it

I was not however, prepared for the psychological effects. I suffered with palpitations, panic attacks, sugar lows and hot sweats every time I drank my beloved tea. My hair started to fall out and I struggled with sleep. Not surprisingly, I was exhausted all of the time. 

It lead me to start to researching the menopause, to try and understand why this happens. I needed to comprehend why a lack of hormones can cause such a physical and physiology effect on women. I needed a menopause expert.

Donna and I always felt stronger when we could openly discuss how we felt and supported each other. We thought that if we could create a community and pass on our knowledge and training, so many other women would feel supported, empowered  and informed. 

I have worked within the NHS and health practice for many years.

Menopause Experts Donna Morgan & Deborah Hendrick laughing