The average age of the menopause is 51, but the start of the peri menopause is on average 41 years of age. This can be younger. Our online Menopause Support course can help at any age.

Our online menopause support course is a non-medical intervention delivered through Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). The program is developed on evidential research by a clinical physiologist and through the efficacy of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.

It is developed for people who are experiencing menopausal symptoms due to a natural or a medical menopause and regardless of age.

It works for women who are currently using HRT, or those who cannot use HRT for medical reasons, or do not want to. The courses are delivered to provide techniques and tools to empower menopause sufferers to manage their own combination of symptoms associated with the menopause. Women report anxiety, stress, hot flushes and insomnia as their top concerns.

At present, all our menopause support courses are run online via Zoom. We will be offering face to face courses in London and the South East once we have permission from Health England, but will continue our online courses as well.

Online Menopause Support Course

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If you're not in the UK

As we are able to deliver our programme successfully on line, we are able to offer this programme worldwide. The success and results of this intervention is for all women, regardless of culture or geographic location. Please do contact us to register for the next suitable online course.