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Health Directory

As a first port of call, you may find these useful menopause support links helpful. Our directory is made up of women that we love or have personally used. We are not receiving payment for these links: 

Your General Practitioner is your first port of call. We understand that there is a huge discrepancy in how much menopause training is undertaken by GPs and the advice women are given can vary from practice to practice.

Some GPs are very well informed, but others are providing out dated information.

If you want to be referred, then National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) guidelines state that women can ask their GP for HRT and if necessary request to be referred to a Menopause Specialist.

The British Menopause Society have an online search form to assist you to find a local practice. 

There are also private practitioners and if this is a route that you can afford, you will find a clinic near you using the same British Menopause online form. 


Our directory of trusted specialists

For more specialist help, these menopause support links may be more helpful:   

The Menopause Charity 

A brilliant resource and voice for menopausal women.


British Menopause Society

Great for education and a register for specialists



Menopause Fact Page


National Institute for Health and Care Excellence

NICE Guidelines

Dr. Tina Pearce

Dr. Pearce is a member of the British Menopause Society, she regularly attends their meetings and is passionate that women should receive accurate, up-to-date information about the benefits of HRT, which improves both their quality of life and long-term health. Dr Pearce’s clinics are based in London and Surrey.


Dr. Louise Newson

Louise Newson is a GP and menopause specialist and holds an Advanced Menopause Specialist certificate with FSRH and the BMS. Dr Newson’s website is very informative.


Charlotte Hunter

Charlotte is a nutritional therapist and a specialist in menopause nutrients. She is based in Surrey and online.


Donna Morgan Counselling 

Donna has over twenty years of experiencing counselling clients struggling with the menopause. She is Surrey based and also counsels online.


Sam Evans

aka Jo Divine  has a wealth of knowledge about liberating women sexually. Sam was featured on the Chanel Four documentary with Davina McCall.  Please all check out her incredible products and information pages

The Salon in Cranleigh 

Chantel has a plethora of amazing machines that can assist with skin issues including a laser treatment to remove melisma bought on from the menopause.


A brilliant resource of Information and support for LGBT communities and their allies.


Trinny Woodall 

For style and make up tips, we like Trinny’s Facebook page

Tania Glyde

Tania is a psychotherapist and counsellor in private practice in London UK.

They work mainly with clients who are GSRD (Gender, Sex and Relationship Diverse) identified: LGBTQIA+, consensually and non-monogamous/polyamorous.

Jane Lewis

Jane wrote an amazing book called My Menopausal Vagina and has been working hard to support and educate women about vaginal atrophy.


River Aesthetics is a renowned clinic for aesthetic excellence and vaginal rejuvenation.

Based in Bournemouth, patients can receive a treatment that targets elasticity issues and dryness; hydrating the genital organs and helping women with vulvo-vaginal disorders.

Elena is a Surrey based Yoga, Meditation, and Pilates teacher. Her website is very helpful. 

Deborah Lyn is also a Surrey based and online yoga teacher, specialising in trauma and pain.