Menopause Checklist

Here are the most common 34 menopause symptoms and signs: The Greene Climacteric Scale is very helpful in menopause diagnosis, from the well-known hot flushes to the lesser-known digestive problems and burning tongue.

Ever wondered ‘is this normal in menopause‘? or ‘is this peri-menopause?’ Get an overview of the menopause and what to expect from the Greene Climacteric Scale chart below: 

34 menopause symptoms and signs, The Green Climacteric Scale

Of course, not all of us have all the symptoms (thankfully!) and some may have symptoms that do not appear on the list, but the Greene Climacteric Scale’s 34 menopause signs and symptoms summary is very helpful. In case you are viewing this page on a phone and the text is too small from the image, the menopause symptoms listed are:
Insomnia; irregular heartbeat; frequent urination; UTIs; depression; mood swings; night sweats; fatigue; memory lapses; dizziness; weight gain; incontinence; allergies; burning tongue; changes in body odour; difficulty concentrating; electric shock sensation; gum problems; muscle tension; bloating; headaches; hair loss; thin hair; hypo thyroidism; hyper thyroids; skin dryness; rough skin texture; hot flushes; breast pain; digestive problems; vaginal dryness; reduced libido; irregular periods; brittle nails; osteoporosis