Unite To Tackle Menopause Within The Workplace

Managing menopause symptoms within the workplace is a real issue that millions of women face. However, there is much controversy around the support offered to women by employers and the more comprehensive government.

Earlier in the month, Ministers from the Department of Health and Social Care held a meeting to discuss what the nation could do to tackle menopause within the workplace.

The UK Menopause Taskforce meeting came to fruition after women across the UK have continuously expressed that they suffer in the workplace from a lack of practical support, compassion, and understanding.

In this blog, we look at what the meeting discussed and what changes women can expect to see in the very near future.

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Who Attended The Meeting?

First and foremost, let’s talk about who represented the millions of women who face stress around menopause in the workplace.

Ministers and clinicians from all four nations of the UK came together. This included Minister for Women’s Health and co-chair of the UK Menopause Taskforce Maria Caulfield, who has previously stated:

“For too long, women have gone unsupported and unheard when it comes to specific women’s health issues. This is especially true when it comes to the understanding of and treatment for the menopause;.”

Ahead of the meeting, Maria Caulfield also said:

“I look forward to working closely with my colleagues across all four nations as we drive forward the women’s health agenda to tackle the gender health gap ahead of the publication of our Women’s Health Strategy later this year.”

Other attendees and important figures included the Co-chair of the UK Menopause Taskforce, Carolyn Harris MP.

Carolyn Harris added further to the issues highlighted in Maria Caulfield’s statements, saying:

“Improving support and services for those experiencing symptoms of menopause is something that I am passionate about. Insufficient education and awareness of its impact alongside historic taboos around openly discussing its symptoms has meant that for too long women have suffered and struggled to access the help that they need.”


What Was Discussed In The Meeting?

The meeting, as expected discussed important themes and focuses that draw attention to women experiencing menopause in the workplace.

The task force responsible for the meeting and future meetings has made some mutual objectives to alleviate the stress for women of this group and offer extended support as they aim to tackle menopause within the workplace.

It was agreed that:

  • Clinical evidence should underpin all evidence of menopause work;
  • Recommendations to the government should be regularly reviewed to help accelerate the delivery of menopause-related programmes in the UK;
  • Areas of mutual interest and collaboration should be identified and assessed so that best practices can be shared and a joint approach can be established;
  • Continued focus on how to educate the public on menopause along with the encouragement of open discussion relating to menopause symptoms should be emphasised;
  • Working with external stakeholders should be a primary focus to push forward with support for women.


Menopause Treatment At Work: A Potential Breakthrough

A large portion of the meeting placed emphasis on GINA, a medication used to treat oestrogen deficiency in women over the age of 50.

For the first time, women may now be able to purchase GINA themselves from pharmacies across the UK. This is a big potential breakthrough as it ensures that women can more easily access the treatment during menopause.

This brings about hope that women in the workplace will be able to manage their symptoms in a more effective way. Of course, this is not the only support that needs to be available and details of other means of supporting menopausal women were discussed during the meeting.


How Will The Taskforce Continue To Monitor Support For Menopausal Women At Work?

This meeting saw the discussion of many key themes and focuses aswell as establishing the shared objectives across the four nations of the UK.

It has now been agreed that the taskforce will hold a meeting bi-monthly and each will have its own theme including:

  • Education and awareness
  • Healthcare provision for women
  • Menopause in the workplace
  • Reasearch data and evidence

The initial period of meetings will run for 18 months, however, this timeframe could be extended depending on progress made.

If you wish to find out more about the meeting, you can read the full report at Gov.UK.

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